Moving into your dream home can be a magical experience, filled with joy and excitement. It’s a big spacious house, rather old but for what it’s lacking it makes up for in pure charm.

Everyone knows the tell-tale signs of a haunting. The pitter-pattering of footsteps late at night when no one else is in the house, weird sounds like dripping water or even muffled sounds of music and laughter. These are just the beginning stages of a haunting and there are other supernatural things that could be taking place in the property you just moved into – anything from shadows moving around to bone-chilling face-to-face encounters.

Over the years MyProMovers have become experts in a variety of areas, including full-service packing, wrapping and moving the heaviest of items including pianos and half-ton gun safes. We’ve also seen what it’s like to run for your life from the creepiest haunted houses of Northern Virginia and DC.

We don’t recommend that you just stand there as a mere spectator, it’s time to snap into action.

Steps you should take after moving into a haunted house

Knowing that a house might be haunted prior to moving in is usually easier to handle than being surprised by a fright in the night. But if it’s too late for that, then you still have some options to try to put an end to your out-of-this-world experience.

• Put your paranormal investigator hat on. Usually, there will be a logical explanation to the highly unusual occurrences in your new home. Hearing steps may mean its time to call in pest control, dripping water may signal a problem with your pipes, and flickering lights could just be a bad lightbulb!

• Stay strong. Apparitions thrive on fear and the more afraid you are the bolder the spirits will become. So, summon up your courage and laugh in the face of the intruder. Showing the ghost, you are unafraid can be the best deterrent.

• Bring in the hounds. Dogs are highly sensitive to spirits and can drive them away from a haunted house. We prefer large dog breeds for that extra layer of protection.

• Take action. If the spirit becomes aggressive or malicious, then you must drive it away. Cleanse your home with sage. If none of these options help, then consider moving to a new house, again.

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