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Commercial & Home Sanitizing Cleaning and Removal Services

For a fresh clean start in your space.
Our home sanitizing service will come to your location and sanitize the interior of your new home, destroying all germs, bacteria and viruses so you can move safely and with confidence.

Are you looking for a high quality home sanitization service? MyProMovers cleaners uses a highly advanced technology for sterilizing and disinfecting your new house before making it your home. MyProMovers Mobile Sanitizing is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, and it's a quick, convenient home sanitizing option. After 30-60 minutes with our pro sanitizers, most homes can be fully sanitized. Home sanitizing is good for germ and allergen removal, eliminating odors, and getting rid of pesky bacteria.

Pre-Move In House Sanitizing Service

We employ the most hi-tech method in the home sanitization and cleaning industry. Specialized sprayers will coat your new space with a concentrated commercial disinfectant, which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria so you can move safely into your new home with confidence.

How Does Residential Home Sanitization Work?

Home sanitizing with MyProMovers Mobile Sanitizing eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and more. It can even destroy pests. It puts a stop to odors and returns your home to a sanitized, clean smelling condition.

When you select home sanitizing with MyProMovers Mobile Sanitizing, our cleaning specialists will arrive at your location. Our professionals will carefully sanitize your space. In as little as 30-60 minutes, your space will be virtually bacteria free. After your home disinfecting service, we will return your items to their proper places.

How Much Does Home Sanitization Cost?

Our rate for home sanitizing and disinfection starts at $129, and is dependent on the size of the place to be sanitized. Please call for details.

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Do you need a quick, in-depth home sanitizing service to clean your home on-location? To contact MyProMovers Mobile Sanitizing, just call us at 703-310-7333.

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