There are few things more stressful than moving in a busy metropolitan area, not just the manner in which it disrupts your life but also the physical procedure of moving and lifting can be overwhelmingly difficult work.

Be that as it may, we have you covered with moving tips that covers all periods of the moving procedure, from packing to unloading and everything in between.

Essential Tips for Moving in Northern Virginia

  1. Plan a timetable for your move

    “We tend to delay the things that stress us out, until you realize with a panic that you’re not ready for moving day,” says Nicholas DiMoro, sales director of MyProMovers, a Northern Virginia moving service. It's important to carefully plan the coming weeks and months in the lead up to your move. Think about how much it will take to pack each room and schedule your days with enough time to take care of the vital packing and moving tasks.
  2. Only pack what you need in your new place

    Moving is a better time than ever to get rid of the clutter and junk that you haven't touched, or don't need. Take a long hard look at your closets and storage areas and determine what can be donated or disposed of. Unnecessary items will only increase the time and size of your move and impact your budget more in the end.
  3. Pack all your cords and chargers in one box

    We all have random cords and plugs laying around our homes, some to devices we don't even have anymore. This can be a big headache to figure out! To stay organized, we recommend putting everything in one box so they can be matched up later when you complete your unpacking.
  4. Pack one box with your essentials

    Another tip to stay organized and keep those stress levels low, pack one box with all the things you can’t live without to survive the first night in your new home. Items such as your toiletries, medicine, toilet paper and eyeglasses. Basically, anything that you might be tempted to tear through all of your boxes to find in a crunch.
  5. Keep important items of high value off the moving truck

    Keep your essentials box, along with any vital paperwork and other key items with you in case the moving truck doesn’t arrive when you do.
  6. Label your boxes by room

    Stay organized by labeling each box as you pack it, so your movers know exactly where to leave them.
  7. Label the contents of each box

    Record a description of the contents on each of your containers. You can quickly get to your dishes, rather than attempting to recall precisely which box you put them. You can also snap photos of the contents of each box before taping it up and numbering them, that way you know which photograph goes with which box.
  8. The heavier the item, the smaller the box

    Keep your boxes light so your movers can keep things moving quickly. Even if your hiring professional movers, they aren't super-human. Put dense heavy items like books in smaller boxes.
  9. Pack your boxes all the way

    You should make sure to fill all the empty space in each box either with items or packing materials such as wrapping paper, towels, pillows, and blankets to fill empty space without increasing the weight too much.
  10. Take photos when disassembling furniture

    Use your smartphone to take pictures so you remember what goes where. Make sure to label all the pieces.
  11. Pack breakables together

    Pack things, for example, glasses and tea cups as sets, arranged like shoes in a shoe box. Wrap each exclusively, utilizing bigger sheets of wrapping paper to protect the breakables together into a firmly packed block shape, which makes the breakables more durable.
  12. Use Towels and Blankets in Place of Costly Bubblewrap

    Save on disposable packing materials (and save Mother Earth) by wrapping breakables with towels and blankets.
  13. Get Good Boxes For Free

    You don't need your boxes to self-destruct on you. Durable boxes can be had at alcohol stores and huge box stores, or invest a couple of bucks on new ones.
  14. Change Your Address

    The Post Office will forward your mail to the new address when you submit the "Change of Address" form. They will also inform the senders of your new address so you won't miss any important letters or bills. Update any subscriptions and financial services, such as credit card or insurance statements, to make sure you continue to receive important mail.
  15. Get new Insurance Quotes

    Moving to a new zip code in Northern Virginia? You may be able to save on homeowners, renters or auto insurance policies. It's worth checking!
  16. Update your ID and Voter Registration

    If you’ve changed states, you’ll need to update your car registration, but even if you’ve just moved a city over, you’ll need to get a new driver’s license and update your voter registration. Nowadays, you can request a new ID or register to vote easily online.
  17. Don't Choose Just Any Moving Company

    Take your time when choosing a moving company in Northern Virginia, because there are hundreds if not thousands out there all offering all different levels of service. Figure out what services are most important to you, such as packing, storage or long distance coverage. Then, make sure they treat their customers well by checking out local moving company reviews and testimonials.
  18. Request a morning start time

    Professional movers are not super-heroes. They get tired just like you and me, so requesting an early morning start is a key first step to a seamless, quick and painless moving experience. If you have a late-start move, your crew is bound to be tired from the earlier jobs, which might make them move a little slower, as well as be more accident prone. Plus, you won’t be waiting around if something holds them up during their first job.
  19. Request additional insurance coverage

    If your moving company offers ‘standard’ coverage, you might only see an $18 check when your $500 TV is damaged. Full-value replacement coverage is the way to go, but you will pay a premium for it.
  20. Provide an accurate inventory list

    It's extremely important to give your movers accurate information, this includes list of furniture and number of boxes. This will ensure that your moving company provides the right size crew and moving truck to complete your move. Your moving estimate can only be as accurate as the information you provide.
  21. Know your moving contract

    Typical moving fees include a service charge per day for the truck, including mileage, but may also include additional fees for packing supplies, dollies, insurance and more. You should understand these details so you don’t get caught off guard on moving day.
  22. Pick your move date strategically

    Moving at the beginning or end of each month when most people's leases are ending will lead to a higher cost due to increased demand. If you can manage a mid-week or mid-month move you will likely save money.

Choose the Best Northern Virginia Moving Company

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