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Hot Tub Moving Company

We move hot tubs and jacuzzis in and around the DC Metro area.

Our hot tub movers specialize in moving heavy, above-ground jacuzzis. This laborious, difficult type of move requires specialized equipment and machinery in order to relocate large bulky hot tubs. With the proper planning and the correct supplies it can be done with relative ease. An average hot tub without water typically weighs around 900 pounds. It goes without saying that you must plan for some seriously heavy lifting when moving such a large item. It may be possible to move on your own with the entire family helping, up to ten people, and the risk to health and limb is usually not worth it. We recommend enlisting the help of a professional hot tub mover to make this move successful and you'll be quickly on your way to enjoying a relaxing soak in your new backyard.

Moving a spa requires several strong experienced men to lift and steady the hot tub, plus hot tub moving equipment and dollies to carry the jacuzzi to the moving truck. Additionally, the truck must handle the weight of the jacuzzi and must also have the proper tie-downs to secure it during transportation. If moving a hot tub sounds like difficult work, it truly is. Fortunately, with MyProMovers, you will have the help of knowledgeable, well-equipped, and affordable hot tub and spa movers who will make the job look easy.

How To Move A Hot Tub By Yourself

Who doesn't love jumping into a hot bubbling spa at the end of a long workday. However, few things bring more stress and agony than wondering how you'll relocate your large hot tub when it's time to move. The average hot tub weighs between 800-1500 lbs depending on the capacity and type of materials used in manufacturing the tub, so this is no small task.

You will need to have a few key things before you embark down the path of moving your hot tub on your own:

Can you move a large hot tub by yourself without any professional help? Yes, but the dangers and risks of moving a hot tub by yourself may outweigh the benefits. It's usually better to hire a top-rated hot tub moving company with the experience needed to transport your hot tub and spa with relative ease and guaranteed quality of service.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Hot Tub?

The average hot tub move costs between $400-600. The final cost of your hot tub move will depend on several variables, including the weight of the spa, the distance of the move and the level of challenge to load or unload the hot tub at each location. The hot tub and spa movers we work with are fully licensed and insured professionals that have previous hot tub moving experience. Our spa movers offer a variety of moving services for heavy items, including gun safe moving, piano moving and hot tub moving services. Whether you're relocating your hot tub from your yard to your new deck, or across town, our spa movers bring the equipment and manpower to get your hot tub moved safely and efficiently. Our professional hot tub movers will work diligently to relocate your spa, so you can turn on the jets and relax sooner.

You will enjoy our affordable standard valuation coverage for your hot tub at no additional cost to you, with no preconceived limits or deductibles. We don't work with any outside parties, a MyProMovers professional hot tub moving team will arrive and take care of your next spa move end-to-end.

Hot Tub Removals & Disposal

It takes kowledge and experience for our movers to handle your hot tub without causing any damage. We bring specialized heavy-duty appliance dollies and all the other tools we'll need to move your hot tub from the truck to the exact spot you desire. If you moved into a new home with an unwanted or broken spa, then call on the help of a qualified hot tub moving company to help you remove and dispose of your old spa.

You are just a phone call away from speaking with the hot tub moving company that is going to treat your spa right! Call us today at 703-310-7333 or fill out our form online.

MyProMovers is a licensed and insured moving company, serving Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service possible and to continue solidifying our reputation as a premier moving and storage company. MyProMovers specializes in local and long distance moving as well as residential and commercial moves. In addition to our moving services, we provide packing services and a variety of moving supplies. Are you making a move? You can count on us to be there from start to finish. Join our many satisfied customers and see why MyProMovers is the leading DMV moving company.

Fast, affordable home movers.

Fast & Affordable Movers

Don't let your move take control of your life! Our trained professional movers have years of moving experience in local and long distance moves.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured local and long distance movers.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Finally, you can move with confidence. Our moving services always include moving insurance for your items at no additional cost. We can also provide full-valuation coverage to cover moving items of high value.

Move as many locations as you need to, at no additional cost!

Completely Free Extra Stops

If you need to stop at a third, or even fourth location to pick up or drop off some items, no problem at all!

Our crews are always fully equipped with all the tools needed to make your move successful.

Fully Equipped Moving Trucks

Our moving trucks are fully-equipped with all the tools required for a stress-free move. Our movers come with dollies, hand-trucks and tools.

Respectful, friendly and rule-abiding moving crews make this thing a breeze.

Respectful of Property Rules

Homeowner's associations and buildings have various rules for us to follow. Our movers know how to navigate any moving obstacles presented by building guidelines.

We don't do hidden fees or charges. You only pay for the services and supplies you need to accomplish your move safely.

No Hidden Fees or Charges

It's important for our customers to have all the information in order to be fully informed so we're always upfront with our moving fees.

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