Summer is the busiest season for moving, and, on the off chance that you are anticipating a Summer move, there are reasons why it is the best time to call your local Virginia movers at the earliest opportunity. MyProMovers shares the reasons why the mid year season is the most ideal opportunity for moving.

#1: Perfect Weather

Anyone who has needed to move during Fall or Winter will reveal to you how troublesome it tends to be. It's not only due to the weather, but there's also the increased danger of slipping on walkways. Snow banks can likewise be an issue when your moving truck needs to pull up closely to your residence. Chilly climate is likewise not fitting in case you're moving a great deal of books, hardware and old fashioned furnishings.

Delaying your moving to the mid year season helps make moving simpler. Summer might be a bustling season for movers, yet there are less odds of delays because of climate.

"Warm, sunny weather means more daylight that gives your movers more time to move in and out of a home with ease. This is helpful for larger moves or even those who are doing the move themselves without the help of a professional mover," says Tony Alkau, owner, MyProMovers, Northern Virginia.

Children are not in school

For those with families, moving in summer avoids disturbance of the school year or day by day schedule for the kids. Besides, you won't need to design your move around a school calendar, and you'll have additional hands on deck to get you prepared for the move. If moving is a new experience for your children, there are some steps you can take to prepare kids for a move.

Yard sale season

Summer likewise brings greater neighborhood garage and yard sales, which can be advantageous to both purchasers and vendors. As a seller, you can collaborate with neighbors and get help acquiring foot traffic. As a purchaser, you will have more yard deals to scrutinize for any things you need for your new place.

Besides, yard deals can be an incredible method to lessen the load of stuff you need to move—and save money at the same time!

Peak home selling season

Home-selling season peaks in the mid-year, so it’s a perfect time to sell and move. Increased demand for homes also means your house is likely to sell for more during the Summer months. There are more buyers in the market during spring and summer, with June being the best month to sell, based on home sales data.

Better work schedule flexibility

A Summer move can bode well for working people, as well. Most businesses are growing more adaptable with time-off requests over the Summer. A few organizations even have shorter business hours throughout the mid year months. These flexible working environments can be a boon to those employees who are arranging a move.

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