Moving can be expensive. It’s important to think about ways to save on your move. Here is a list of 27 ways to save the most money on your move. When on a budget, remember every penny counts!

1.      Pack your belongings yourself.

2.      Locate free moving boxes. Save your Amazon boxes from your online shopping sprees. Used boxes in decent shape can also be found in places like liquor stores, office complexes, retail stores and on social media groups.

3.      Use loose paper instead of bubble wrap. Magazines, newspaper and other packing materials from all those Amazon boxes can be re-used. Good for the Earth and also your pocketbook!

4.      Donate things you don’t absolutely need, and benefit from tax deductions.

5.      Compare moving companies for the best deal and service.

6.      If your move is very large ask for a fixed price, rather than an hourly estimate. Some companies don’t do fixed rates or will only offer them under specific circumstances, like long distance moves.

7.      Purchase lightly used and recycled boxes.

8.      Purchase third-party moving insurance. It’s a small amount up front but will help you save big should anything break. Sometimes your renters or homeowners insurance will cover portions of your move.

9.      If you’re moving into storage use your own blankets, linens and rags as packing materials instead of renting or purchasing from your moving company.

10.  When packing, nest smaller items inside of larger items to save money on moving boxes – but don’t make the boxes too heavy!

11.  Use socks as cushioning for small items.

12.  Find a neighbor having a garage sale, and see if they’ll sell your items on a commission basis.

13.  Write down all the steps involved in the moving process. Staying organized will help you save time and money in the long-run!

14.  If you’re driving a long distance, stay overnight with friends or family members along the way.

15.  After your move, sell your lightly used boxes when you’re finished with them.

16.  Carefully choose your service shut-down dates. Don’t pay for extra time if your company doesn’t prorate!

17.  Drive small items to your new place yourself. Transport lighter items on foot or using a bicycle.

18.  Measure twice, move once. Meaning measure your new place to make sure that your furniture will fit. If not, sell it.

19.  Save your non-perishables rather than buying new groceries at your new place.

20.  Weight equals money, so don’t move heavy weights or fitness equipment if you don’t use them. Sell them!

21.  Bring that coin jar to the bank and exchange it for cash, or bitcoin!

22.  Negotiate your realtor’s commission by offering to do some of the marketing or work. If you can help line up their next great referral, that may help.

23.  Package your TV’s and computer monitors in their original packaging if you have it; it’s the best possible protection against breaking.

24.  Keep a record of home improvement costs, realtor fees, etc. This could save big money come tax time.

25.  Order some cheap food that will feed your hungry movers – pizza always works well!

26.  The Dollar Store has plenty of cleaning supplies and everyday household items that work just as well as the more expensive brands in conventional stores.

27.  Donate your canned items to charity, and claim a tax deduction.

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