To help defray the costs of a relocation it’s a good idea to hold a moving sale before the moving company arrives. Not only does this reduce the amount of items you need to move, making the move cost less, but you end up making back a lot of money or even coming out ahead after your move!

Now that you’re about to move it’s a better time than ever to decide what you plan to keep and what you wish to leave behind. A successful moving sale can reduce the cost of your move.

The key to a successful moving sale is making a list of items you no longer use, have outgrown or what can be easily replaced in your new place. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

First steps

Ask your family about items they wish to sell. You can even pool the items and efforts of other families on your street with a neighborhood sale! This is a good time to say your farewells and leave a good impression on the neighborhood.

When to Have Your Sale

The weekends are usually the best, people are free from work and other obligations and have more time to stop and peruse your sale. Try to avoid holiday weekends when schedules are usually more packed with barbecues, get-togethers and other events. Plan a backup date in case of inclement weather.

Where to Hold Your Sale

Check with local governments and authorities about restrictions for yard sales in your area. Once you have determined a location, decide if the sale will be in the garage, yard or basement. Make sure there is ample parking and space for people to move around your items.

Publicize your Sale

There are many online communities available where you can post a friendly advertisement. Craigslist, Facebook groups, or other classifieds websites are a great place to share your wares. In your posts, mention the most popular items such as furniture, appliances, tools, electronics, etc. Consider adding your phone number so people can call for more information and directions to your sale.

You can also post flyers around the neighborhood. Use large letters to advertise the type of sale, date, time and location. Put these in high-traffic areas on the day of your sale, bonus points for big arrows and directions to your sale. Consult with your local chamber of commerce for tips and suggestions so you don’t run afoul of the law.

Ten Important Preparations

1. Visit online classifieds, secondhand shops, retail stores, etc. to determine prices for each of your items.

2. Record each price on a tag or sticker and place on your items in an easy-to-find location. Use different colored stickers on the tags if more than one family is involved.

3. Start saving shopping bags and cartons to make it more convenient for customers to take items away. Have tissue paper or newspaper to wrap glass, knickknacks and other fragile items.

4. Bundle of package all sets, groups or units together so customers know what they are getting. Put loose game pieces in a sealable bag and secure inside the box.

5. Set up the yard, garage or basement so that all “For Sale” items will be separated from items not for sale.

6. Categorize and display items in groups according to type, such as games, utensils, sporting goods, tools, etc. Hang clothing on a clothesline or rack for easy viewing.

7. Set up a cashier’s desk with calculator, scissors, tape, markers, cash box and plenty of change. Make sure you check for counterfeit currency!

8. Be prepared for weather changes. Have large plastic sheets ready to cover your goods in case a rain storm blows through.

9. Keep some soft drinks and bottled water available to keep kids busy and motivated to help out. You can sell these to shoppers for another revenue stream!

10. Assign each person a specific responsibility, like cashier, organizer, salesman, etc.

Follow these tips and you’re now ready for a successful moving sale!

Nicholas DiMoro is the sales and marketing manager of MyProMovers, a moving company based in the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland area. Read more about our company, or fill out our simple online form to receive your free moving estimate.

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