When packing your home to keep in a storage unit for an extended period of time, fleas and rodents may not even cross your mind.  Sometimes, you may unwittingly do something while preparing items for moving and storage which could attract unwanted pests. Before you stock up on traps and poison, there are a few additional techniques you may use to keep out creepy-crawly guests.

Typically, a little planning will go a very long way in keeping your things in your storage clean and safe.  You can always use a secure and clean storage warehouse which can guarantee your stuff stays free of pests and rodents.

Follow along below with our hints we prepared for the best strategies to keep rodents and other bugs from your stored items.

What Can I Put in my Storage Unit to keep Bugs Away?

Some people use bug spray, mousetraps or poison to deter unfriendly pests. To keep things kid-safe, use some peppermint oil, a spray bottle and cotton balls. You can spray the cotton balls with the peppermint oil and stick them inside furniture, boxes and so on to keep the critters away while your stuff is in storage.

How Do I Keep Bugs Out of Boxes?

There are two things you should do to prevent smaller insects from gaining any interest in your valuables.

Sturdy and thick plastic containers are perfect, particularly for linens, cloths and clothes.

1. Package Items In Plastic Bags & Totes With Sterile Lids.

The best means to keep pests from your possessions is by packing them into well-sealed containers.

We always recommend buying moving boxes for storage. New boxes will be more reliable and therefore are not as likely to have openings or punctures that insects could break through, and they're fabricated with rigidity to resist the weight of stacking additional packed boxes for lengthy amounts of time.

If utilizing second-hand boxes you find at no cost, at least make sure to avoid using free cardboard boxes out of grocery shops or restaurants. These are very likely to attract and invite unwanted pests into your belongings.

Even the best-kept storage units can have a pest problem.

2. Don't Store Food Within Storage.

These suggestions might appear obvious, but you would be amazed how many make the mistake of maintaining food items within storage. If you are leaving in a rush, do not pack your pantry within your storage unit and expect unfriendly insects won’t take note.

Start looking for meals at which you may not have planned to depart it. Vacuum or wash out furniture under the cushions. Clean and inspect kitchen storage containers, pans and pots to get any crumbs or remaining food onto the surfaces.

Also, ensure the surrounding unit has been swept with a broom and no remnants are left from past tenants or even a lunch you ate there on moving day. Additionally, do your best not to eat within your unit in any way. The lingering odor may be a significant attraction for undesirable creatures.

Store items a few inches away from the floor. While rodents and bugs can creep, it's helpful to make sure your valuables are elevated off the floor.

Sometimes the natural remedies work just as well as conventional commercial solutions.

3. Use A Natural Repellent

Not only will this step help prevent pests away from building a home in your boxes, but additionally, it will safeguard your possessions from moisture.

This goes straight back to the simple fact you don't have to place a lot of traps and poison in your storage, there are a couple all-natural tactics to discourage pests. Based upon your storage facility you're using; they could be taking good care of pest management already. Reputable storage centers use regular expert pest management services. Their approaches are probably the best. Check with your own storage unit facility to begin with to see whether regular pest control solutions are something that they run prior to spraying on any kind of insect spray or compound. If your storage facility doesn't provide pest management, or you'd like a little additional reassurance that fleas and rodents are steering clear of your own storage device, there are a couple of all-natural things you'll be able to employ.

Organic Pest Remedies:

  1. Keep the place clean, and the broom swept.
  2. Remove unwanted scents using DampRid.
  3. Place cedar cubes in a bowl onto a plate.

How Do I Protect Furniture in my Storage?

Wrap your upholstered products.  

Our moving professionals will handle this for you.

Upholstered things, notably packed furniture, is a goldmine for insects looking for nesting areas and materials.  Maintain your sofas, stuffed chairs, and the like protected by wrapping them nicely in heavy-duty plastic furniture protection.  Mattresses should be well-wrapped as well. If you're able to locate these things off the ground this will help keep any rodents and fleas away.

The best-kept storage units can have a pest control problem occasionally.  It is a fantastic idea to be certain your insurance policy insures coverage in case the unthinkable happens you’re your belongings are exposed to creepy, crawling and nibbling pests.