In many homes, the kitchen is where most of the traffic is. This is the room where food is made and information is shared. With the busy lives we all live today, it has become a multi-purpose room. Therefore, what makes packing a kitchen different than packing any other room in your house? What make it unique are the items in the room.

How Do You Pack Your Kitchen?

There are many types of packing materials you’ll need to protect the belongings in your kitchen. These include boxes of different sizes that can be used for different purposes. You’ll need large sheets of heavy-duty and plastic wrap. Save all the old newspapers that you have in the house, they can be handy packing materials for fragile items.

If you have some old blankets or sheets, they will be ideal for wrapping big appliances. You are free to make use of your imagination or purchase packing materials. If you have any questions or inquiries on how to pack anything in your kitchen, you can get the service of a moving company like My Pro Movers. We offer full moving and packing services for any type of kitchens.  

Packing fragile glass items can be done with bubble-wrap, but the pro's also use several layers of packing paper.

Packing Your Kitchen Items

It’s ideal to have a good marker to label everything you are packing so that nothing will get lost in transit. Ensure that every item is clearly marked. Ensure you label every box with your name, the content of the box and the place items will be when you move to your new home. It’s also ideal to count the number of boxes you’re packing so that you will be able to know all boxes are accounted for during and after your move. You can also keep a list of all items in a notebook separately from the inventory the moving foreman will create for you. It will be a great way to compare the list with yours.

If you want to move your major appliances, ensure that they are fully disconnected from electricity and utility lines before your mover arrives. Make sure the freezers and refrigerators are defrosted. Ensure they are clean and dry. All wires and types of hoses should be secured in a way that they can’t be damaged. If you have any electronics, ensure they are well packed and all cables are in the box so that you will easily be able to set them up easily when you get to your new location.

Getting the Help of a Professional

At My Pro Movers, we allow our customers to pack kitchen items themselves, and they can also purchase packing materials on our website. However, if you don't want to deal with the stress of packing breakable things, use our packing services. My Pro Movers also offer kitchen packing tips on how to pack different items. Call us at (703) 310-7333 to get more information about our packing services in Northern Virginia.