Do Movers Move Appliances?

Yes, professional movers will move your appliances.

So, your move is quickly approaching and you are wondering about those heavy appliances and how movers will handle them. In this article, we’ll go over the types of appliances we’ll move and what responsibilities you’ll have before and after the move.

Do our pro movers move appliances?

Yes, we always move heavy appliances such as washing machines,dryers, refrigerators and freezers. However, we will not disconnect or reconnect them due to the possibility of water damage.

Will we move stoves and dishwashers?

Yes, we will move stoves and dishwashers if they have been disconnected and properly prepared for your move. We will not disconnect any water lines.

Tips to Prepare Appliances for Your Move

No matter the size or heft of an appliance, our pro movers can handle them. Here are some helpful tips for preparing them so we can move your appliances easily and without any headaches.


To prepare your fridge for moving, you should disconnect it at least 24 hours before our movers arrive.

Remove food from all compartments in your refrigerator. Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean inside and out. We won’t move any frozen food or liquids so consume what you can in the weeks leading up to your move.

Disconnect both electricity and water lines if there is a nice maker. Make sure to turn off the water valve before disconnecting and drain all the water in the lines.

Your freezer will begin to defrost and there will be excess moisture as the ice thaws. Prevent any puddles from forming by placing a towel in the bottom of the freezer.

Preparing your fridge for storage – If you’re storing your refrigerator for any length of time it’s recommended that you wedge the doors open slightly, so that odors can easily escape.

What about Small Appliances like Coffee Makers and Toaster Ovens?

Your movers will handle all of your small appliances for you, including stand mixers, food processors, coffee machines and toaster ovens. Make sure these items are cleaned thoroughly inside and out prior to moving day and we’ll pack them in boxes for you. If you are handling the packing on your own you should place small appliances in larger boxes.

Sub-zero Freezer

You should unplug and defrost your freezer at least 24 hours before moving. The food should also be removed, consumed or disposed.

As the freezer thaws you will need to soak up the moisture by laying some towels inside.

Washing Machines & Dryers

Give your washer and dryer a good cleaning inside and out to prepare for moving. Our moving company does not disconnect or reconnect these appliances for you so make sure that you have someone take care of this for you. A professional is always recommended, especially if you have an older home or appliance.

If you’re confident in your DIY-skills, check out this video on how to disconnect your washer and dryer.

Stoves and Dishwashers

Most of the time your stove and dishwasher end up staying with the home.However, if you must move them make sure they are prepared properly before your movers arrive.

We do not disconnect the gas, water lines and pull them out. We do not accept liability for water or gas leaks, so make sure this is done by a professional.You can do it yourself, but usually it’s not recommended.

Again thoroughly clean these items before moving, especially if going into storage for any length of time.

Preparing Barbecue Grills & Smokers

Our pro movers will move barbecues, smokers and grills. However, we never allow propane tanks on our moving trucks. Propane gas is a highly flammable combustible and has been known to explode inside moving trucks.It has happened many times before, even causing major injuries and fatalities.

Now is a good time to thoroughly clean your grill before your move.

If you are moving without the help of professional movers, do not under any circumstances leave the propane tank attached to your grill. Always detach the propane and move it separately or simply give it back to the store you fill it up at.

How to Make Moving Appliances Easy

If moving a washer, dryer or other appliance DIY-style isn’t for you, our professional movers move all appliances. To find the best moving company to move your belongings, including your heavy appliances, call our reputable and reliable movers MyProMovers at 703-310-7333. Our moving company is licensed,bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. Best of luck and happy moving!