In an ideal world you've got a moving truck or van with a crew of white glove movers to do all the heavy lifting, dissembling and reassembling, but in the real world, you may not be so lucky.  You may even ask yourself if moving your mattress is even worth it.

With the moving season coming up, many people are preparing to move and need to transport their mattress. However, it is not as simple as picking up your mattress from one location and carrying it over to another place. There are a lot of things that you will need to take into consideration when transporting your mattress in order for it to get there safely.

If you've just invested in a new mattress, and you 're not sure if you can lug it down the stairs, up a flight of steps or through an elevator to your new place on time for that all-important first night's sleep with this king size beauty - read these tips.

Here are our top tips to transporting a mattress without the luxury of professional movers.

What You Need

One or Two Helpers

Consider getting one or two friends to help you. A friend, family member, neighbor to give you a hand. If you can't find any helpers, consider renting or borrowing some moving equipment for the day to make your job easier and safer  - like furniture dollies (to move heavy items). If possible try getting someone else who is also going through an apartment move around same time as yourself- this way both parties will have help from each others' friends / family members during their big transition period which means less stress all round!

Mattress Bag

For less than 20 dollars, you can buy a mattress bag to transport your new bed. This will protect the surface of it from getting dirty and keep any dust mites, bacteria etc. away too! This is especially important if you are transporting an expensive memory foam mattress for instance- which would be ruined by being dragged on rough ground while wrapped in just plastic wrap (which won't stop dirt)  - so get yourself some protection before moving day arrives!! If there's no time left until move date then consider wrapping with old sheets instead as this still provides basic level coverage but does not require buying anything extra at last minute when funds may have already been spent other words: don’t forget about that mattresses' safety!

Mattress Box

The mattress box is a great investment for any time you're moving your bed, but it's especially useful when the move will be long distance and require more than one trip to get all of its parts there safely...or if this isn't just an ordinary mattress that can easily fit into some cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

Ratchet Straps or Ropes

Sets of ratchet straps cost about $20-$30 and can be found in most hardware stores. If you're transporting a mattress on the roof of your car, then it's best to use ratchet straps or ropes for tying down instead as they are more secure than bungee cords which could come undone while driving at high speed (and risk losing everything).

Tape & Shrink-Wrap

When you put the mattress in your bag and box, use tape to seal the bag and box. This will prevent any air from getting in, which could cause mold or mildew growth on your mattress over time if it's not properly sealed off while being stored. The best type of packing material is shrink wrap because you can wrap the mattress in it tightly and then use tape to seal the wrap.

If you don't have shrinkwrap, though (or if your budget is tight),  a large garbage bag may work! (Though we're not making any promises..) Just make sure that when packing up or moving around your mattress you should use at least some form of protective materials.


Don't forget the scissors, they will help you cut the packing materials to size. The scissors will also help you get through any tough plastic packaging that your new mattress may come in, like a vacuum-sealed bag or box sealed shut with tape.

Just be careful not to slash your mattress!

Steps for Transporting a Bed

Preparing to Transport a Mattress

Getting your mattress ready for transport is going to require some space. Make sure you have enough room to lay the mattress out flat before you start packing it up.

The more space you have, the better for maneuvering while you're packing.

Place it Inside the Mattress Bag or Box

This is where your mattress bag or box comes in handy. If you don't have a bag or container, then use some cardboard to keep the mattress from moving around too much while it's being transported and place that inside of an old sheet for padding on all sides (or just wrap up your bed with plastic). The more protection there is between any sharp objects like nails poking out into furniture along its route as well potential moisture during transport - the better off your mattress will be!

Seal with Tape

The next step after wrapping: seal openings tightly so no air or moisture can get through at either end when transporting by car/truck etc. Make sure the mattress is secure and won't move around inside (or on) the vehicle.

Load it Onto Your Vehicle

The next step after sealing: put a tarp, blanket or other protective covering down to protect from any potential dirt during transport and tie it down securely with rope/cord so that nothing can shift while in transit - this is especially important if you're transporting on top of your car!

Drive Safely

Moving your mattress on top of your car may not be the safest nor most convenient option, but if you're not moving far, we won't judge!

If transporting by car, make sure to drive slowly and carefully so that your mattress doesn't shift around on top of (or get damaged) while transporting - try not take any sudden stops/turns either as these could also ruin your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to transport a mattress on the roof of a car?

It is not illegal to transport a mattress on the roof of your car, but it can be dangerous. If you are transporting more than one item or driving at high speeds then this may cause issues with the law!

How can I move a mattress without handles?

You can make your own handles with the shrink wrap, but this is a pro-mover tactic that a novice may have trouble with.

The only option is to use a mattress box designed specifically  for this purpose.

The mattress box is made of a durable cardboard and has handles on each side, making it easier to carry the heavy load with two people than one person alone!  

Other Ways of Moving a Bed

Hire a professional moving company

If you can work it into your budget, a moving company with experience  in transporting mattresses is the best option. A professional moving company will have the right equipment and manpower to move your mattress safely and securely, as well be able transport it over any surface - even many flights of stairs!  What's more? They'll also move the rest of your stuff with no issues!

A mattress is heavy and awkward  but don't let its weight fool ya! It may be bulky in shape yet surprisingly light with some helping hands (or at least lighter than you expected).