If you're considering moving to a rural area, there are definitely some things you'll need to know. Many people dream of settling in the countryside or on an isolated island but still hold onto their urban life. However, it's not all like what they see in movies and television shows! There can be many challenges when living away from civilization that comes with unique solutions. Are you planning to hire long distance movers to go outside towns or cities? MyProMovers is here to help. Click here for a free long distance moving quote.

Moving to a rural area can be an exciting experience for some people. The fresh air, the slower pace of life, and the ability to see stars at night without light pollution are all appealing qualities of living in a rural area. But before you make your move, there are 9 things that you need to know about moving to a rural area:

1. You'll have to drive a lot

You won't be able to walk everywhere as easily as you could in the city and public transportation is almost nonexistent, so having your own vehicle will become essential for getting around. It's also important that it can handle off-roading if needed! Living in a rural area means that you will be taking your car to get groceries, attend school events, and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Get used to living without the luxuries of city life

You don't have access to your favorite restaurants, entertainment spots, and cafés. There is a good chance that you will be living without electricity or running water for at least some amount of time! This can be the biggest challenge when moving away from civilization as we're so used to having those things instantly available all the time now.

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of foods that can last for some time. There are also many eco-friendly alternatives to running water like rain barrels, composting toilets, and solar showers.

3. People are friendlier in rural areas

It is surprising how much friendlier people are in the countryside! It's not uncommon for complete strangers to wave at you as you pass by. You will also find that most of them have a genuine interest in their community and want to help each other out whenever they can, whether it be helping with farm animals or fixing fences on your property.

Although the people in these areas may seem like they don't want to be bothered, that couldn't be further from the truth. People are just more reserved and take time getting used to you before opening up. Make sure not to approach them too quickly or it might have a negative effect! Also, remember that rural communities tend to live by their own set of rules and etiquette, so make sure you learn what they are before making any mistakes.

Moving away from civilization can be challenging but it is well worth the effort when you get used to living in rural areas like this one! People might not wave at you as much compared to other locations, but they will definitely be a lot friendlier and more interested in you. Learning the rules of etiquette is important when moving to these areas!

4. It's more peaceful and quiet

The peace and quiet are something that draws many people to move away from the big city. There are no loud sirens, honking cars, or busy streets in these areas. However, this can be a double-edged sword as some find it more difficult to sleep with all of the silence! Try using white noise machines or earplugs if needed.

You might find it much more difficult to sleep at first if you are used to the sounds of the city. Earplugs or white noise machines can help drown out all those noises and make it easier for your mind to relax! Just remind yourself that once you get used to this new way of life, sleeping will become much easier.

5. There is a slower pace of life 

You may find that life in a rural area is much slower than what you are used to. It can be frustrating at first as everything around you seems so slow and it's hard not being able to do things instantly when wanting them, but after some time it will become normal for you! It takes some getting used to the slower pace of life in rural areas. Remember that you will eventually get used to it and everything around here will become normal for you!

6. The air is cleaner, which means it may be better for your health

Living in these areas also has some additional benefits like cleaner air which can help improve your health over time! It might take some getting used to not breathing in all of those exhaust fumes but it's definitely worth it when you think about what you're gaining!

The clean air in rural areas is a great bonus that comes with moving to these locations. It's not uncommon for people who move away from big cities to experience many health benefits over time, including better breathing and less congestion due to pollution! Just remember that it will take some getting used to before everything seems normal.

7. The quality of healthcare in rural communities is often lower than in urban areas

It is important to remember that healthcare in these areas can be much lower than what you are used to. The quality of the hospitals and doctors may not compare with those living near or in big cities, so it's very important for everyone moving away from the city to have a backup plan just in case something happens!

Although there might be some lower-quality hospitals and doctors in rural areas, that doesn't mean you should be unprepared if something happens! Having a backup plan is important as it may take some time to find the right doctor or hospital for your needs.

8. It can be difficult to find a job in rural areas

Although it's usually cheaper to live in rural areas, the downside is that there are not as many job opportunities around. If you're thinking about moving away from civilization but need a steady paycheck, this might be something for you to consider!

Finding work can often be more difficult in these types of locations because they are so far removed from everything else. You might have to drive long distances or commute in order to get anywhere, which can make it harder for you to find something that works with your schedule!

Just remember that the slower pace of life means there are not nearly as many jobs around here compared to somewhere more populated. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but if you're used to living somewhere with a lot of opportunities, it might be something to keep in mind.

9. It's very expensive to install internet access for your home office

The final thing you need to keep in mind is that it can be very expensive to install internet access for your home office. These areas are often out of range from existing cables and if there isn't a tower nearby, installing anything might be impossible! This doesn't mean you'll have to give up on working away from civilization but make sure you do your research into the cost of everything before you move!

The internet is absolutely essential for home offices, but it can be very expensive to install. These areas are often at least an hour away from any major city and may not have access to cable lines or towers nearby, which means installing something yourself will likely be impossible. Don't forget that doing your research into this before moving is the only way to make sure you are prepared for any costs that might come up!

Rural living may not be for everyone, but if you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or just want a change in pace, it's worth considering. We hope that this blog post has given you some insight into how rural communities work. Contact MyProMovers at (703) 310-7333 for more information about long-distance moving and other services.