Moving day is always a stressful time, and packing dishes for your move can be one of the more challenging aspects. If you're considering using newspapers to wrap up your dishes, don't! Newspaper is a terrible choice because it doesn't protect against breakage and it's not water-resistant.

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In this blog post, we'll share 8 alternatives that are much better than newspapers when it comes to protecting your dishware during a move.

1. Disposable paper products

Packing dishware without newspapers is possible. Disposable paper products work well as an alternative to packing dishes in newspapers because they're so convenient and easy to store, unlike on the kitchen counter or cupboard shelves! If you do not have much time for preparation before going home from a party, disposable plates are your best bet. You can take the dishes back to your home without worrying about washing them. Disposable paper products come in many sizes, shapes and colors so you can find just what you need for any occasion!

2. Use dish towels to cover the dishes.

A dish towel can cover dishes of all shapes and sizes, making it easy to stack them in the box. Plus, a dish towel is simple for anyone at your destination to open up when unpacking! However, be sure not to wrap too tightly around plates or bowls (only loosely), as this could lead to cracks if there's any shifting.

The dish towel should be placed over the dishes, not under them. This will ensure that moisture is kept off of your glassware and bowls (which are more delicate than plates) so they don't break during shipping or storage! And if you have absorbent paper towels on hand, place one in a small plastic bag before placing it over the dishes to help prevent any breakage.

3. Pack dishes in the dishwasher, then place them on top of one another to save space.

Another way to pack dishes without newspapers is by loading them into your dishwasher. When you're finished, place the plates on top of one another and stack like items together (e.g., cups & saucers) in a U-shape or diagonal so they fit more easily inside the box. This method will save space because it's more efficient than packing dishes in a newspaper.

The only downside is that you'll have to remove the lids of your pots, pans and bowls before loading them into the dishwasher (unless they're heat-resistant) so it's worth doing this while preparing dinner or lunch for work.

4. Place plastic wrap on top of each plate before placing it into the box 

Oftentimes, people will pack their dishes in the box with newspapers or bubble wrap. Placing a layer of plastic wrap on top of each plate before packing can help protect against potential breakages and save time on cleanup.

This is a good tip because it saves time on cleanup. It can also help protect against potential breakages if you're not careful when packing dishes in the box with newspapers or bubble wrap, which are more likely to tear than plastic wrap.

In addition, using newspaper and/or bubble-wrap will require opening up your dishware to see what's inside. If you use plastic, it will be much easier to tell which dish is where without opening up the box.

5. For large items, place them in a sturdy cardboard box and fill it with crumpled paper

If your dishware includes large items like pots and pans, you can use a sturdy cardboard box to pack them in the same way as smaller plates. Fill it with crumpled newspaper to help keep these larger items from sliding around inside the box. The downside is that this method doesn't protect against breakage as well as other methods, but it does save time and energy.

Packing glass dishes can be easy if you use the right materials.

The great thing about this method is that you can reuse the cardboard box for multiple moves! Pack dishes in newspaper at a party or swap them out with another family member before your move to make packing easier on everyone involved.

6. Pack dishes in a plastic container.

This is a great option for anyone who doesn't have enough dishes to fill their dishwasher. You'll need some plastic containers with lids and you can use them both as storage when the dishes are clean, or in place of disposable items like newspapers while transporting your dirty plates back home from your vacation rental. And let's be honest, you can get a large pack of containers for about the same price as a single roll of newspaper.

7. Roll up any remaining space in the box with packing tape

If you're packing dishes in a box with newspaper, you may have some leftover space that is just too small for any additional plates. To avoid this problem altogether, use the roll of tape to seal up the remaining empty space and place heavy items like books at the bottom as an alternative way to fill up your dishware packer's truck or storage.

In general, packing dishes in the box with newspaper is a good idea because it saves time and energy, but just be mindful of any potential breakages before deciding to use this method for your next move!

8. Label boxes that contain breakable items

Labels are an easy way to keep track of who packed what box, but they're also a great alternative for packing dishes without newspapers. Label boxes that contain breakable items so they are packed last and protected throughout transit by other heavier objects as an additional option (e.g., books or furniture) to save time on cleanup after the move.

Dishes are fragile and need extra care and attention while packing.

It can also help protect against potential breakages if you're not careful when packing dishes in the box with newspapers or bubble wrap, which are more likely to tear than plastic wrap.

It's time to get packing! Whether you're moving across town or country, it can be a stressful and tiring process. We've put together this list of 8 alternatives for dishware protection during your move that are much better than newspaper because they protect against breakage and water damage. You'll find these materials at most major grocery stores in the baking aisle or kitchen section. If you want help getting started with any other aspect of your move, we'd love to chat about how our team could make things easier for you by handling all the details from start to finish.

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