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Small Box

Small Cartons are convenient for packing books, CDs, tools, and small appliances. These cartons are the most requested for any household move, noted as the best way to ensure an efficient "unpack" at your new location. 1.5 Cubic Foot, Size: 16x12x12h, Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 32, making them suitable for carrying up to 40 pounds of weight. With our industry experience and commitment to quality, MyProMovers is the ideal supplier for your high quality, professional grade corrugated boxes. Our small cartons are popular cardboard boxes for both professional movers and those who are packing for themselves. They are designed to ensure an efficient unpack at the destination, saving time for all concerned. These economical cartons are also a staple of our Home Moving Kits. What are small boxes designed to hold? MyProMovers small cartons are ideal for compact but relatively heavy items such as books, DVDs, tools and small household appliances. Our small cartons are also ideal for fragile items. These small but sturdy boxes are easy to handle and, because they have been manufactured from high quality corrugated cardboard, you can trust them to protect your items during transit. Are you fully prepared for your move? To order your cardboard boxes, enter the quantity you require and click the red cart icon. MyProMovers small cartons need to be sealed with tape so make sure you have also stocked up on tape, bubble wrap, newsprint and other packing supplies before finalizing your order. If you are unsure how many small cartons you need, consider purchasing a MyProMovers Moving Kit or using these as a quantity guide. We typically will send out your order either on the day we receive your order or the next working day, so you can order with confidence, even if you are on a tight deadline. From your initial order to when your moving boxes arrive at your destination, you can enjoy a superior moving experience with MyProMovers.

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