Moving to Orlando From DC

Moving from the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC Metropolitan area to Florida doesn't have to be the difficult, stressful experience you'd expect. Although a long distance move is a big endeavor and requires thoughtful planning, if you follow our professional guide to moving from DC with MyProMovers you'll always be one step ahead. Now, we'll discuss what you can do ahead of time so you won't have to deal with all the typical moving headaches and stress.

Make The Move Of Your Dreams to Florida - Without the Headache or Stress.

How to Make a Long Distance Move from Northern Virginia, Washington, DC to Florida

Start Planning Your Move Right Now

If you're reading this, you're already on the right path. Moving long distance is not always a walk in the park. Fortunately, it's possible to make moving to Central Florida easier with thoughtful planning and the right long distance mover by your side. Plan early and nailing down the logistics of your move will be painless. If you wait until the last week or few days before your move to start packing for finding an affordable long distance mover, you are in for a bad time. So plan early and make those decisions as soon as possible.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Junk & Clutter

We've all been there, looking around at all the stuff we've accumulated over the years. Not only does this stuff cost money to hold onto, it will cost a lot more to move it all. We recommend clearing your stuff of all the non-essentials, selling or giving away your unneeded items, furniture, clothing, or appliances. Hold a yard sale, donate to a local organization, or sell the items on online marketplaces. The less you have to move, the less you'll end up paying for the move.

Finalize Your Inventory List & Moving Checklist

After you get rid of your unwanted items, the best thing to do in preparation for your move is to create productive lists. First, create a list of inventory that you plan to bring with you to your new place in Florida. Items both large and small should be accounted for, and this list can be shared directly with your professional long distance moving company. When you arrive in Florida and receive your shipment this list will come in handy to make sure everything has arrived as planned.

Your moving checklist should be all the primary tasks needed before and after your move. Things to think about and include, such as calling your utility company, Internet & TV companies, forwarding your postal addressed mail to your new residence. It's a good idea to pack your most important items in a day bag so you don't go without during your moving process. Read our moving tips for additional moving related help.

Link Up With a Reputable Long Distance Moving Company

Your professional moving company of choice will be your best resource during your move to Florida. These movers are skilled workers that are dedicated to completing moves with as little friction and stress as possible, and will provide invaluable services that help you save on both time and cost. Your late night questions and last-minute issues will surely test your moving company's resolve, and our team here at MyProMovers prides ourselves on being the easiest, friendliest and most responsive moving company that will happily handle your stressful moving situations with ease. We feel it's important to provide exceptional service day or night and we do that with our unparalleled customer service, all for your peace of mind.

Whoever you end up deciding to move with, be sure to pick an experienced, licensed, and above all insured mover in order to be certain that you’re working with a team that is going to help you on your journey instead of cause pain and stress.

Understanding the Differences Between DC and Your New Home in Florida

Both are large, busy metropolitan cities, but not everything is the same. Make sure you're ready for:

  • Differences in the weather. Florida is the #1 destination for snow birds, people who migrate South to avoid the cold winters. Unlike DC, in Central Florida, heat will be in abundance all throughout the year. You may as well donate all of your winter clothing, because you'll never need it. On the chilliest of Florida days you may need a light sweater.
  • Traffic is congested there too. Although it's a marginal improvement over DC, Orlando, FL ranks in the top 20 cities for traffic congestion in the United States. Crank up the A/C or flip the top down, you're still in for a longer commute around the area.
  • Cost of living. According to AreaVibes, Orlando has an overall cost of living index score of 98, two percent lower than the national average and 1 percent lower than the Florida average. Compared to Washington, DC the cost of living in Florida is much more affordable, however expect the average salary to be less to match.

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