Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

Follow our valuable moving tips and you'll be relaxing in your new space before you know it.

The Secret to a Successful Moving Plan

By all accounts, moving is difficult, time-consuming and stressful.

Our comprehensive list of moving tips will help you through the process of moving.

When you move with MyProMovers, we do everything to make sure your move is streamlined and stress-free. Whether it’s packing your home, providing oodles of helpful information on your first call or being available day and night to answer your burning questions. Our team is always ready and waiting to help you. 

PRO TIP: Our moving assistants are here for your peace of mind, contact us at the earliest sign of trouble so we can help.

The lead-up to moving day can put you on pins and needles. Will your mover take care of the disassembly, are they going to help you pack up the few items you didn’t have time to get to? Are the movers going to be professionals that know what they are doing, and will the company take steps to prevent damage to my furniture? These questions are something you should ask prior to booking any moving company. 

When you move with MyProMovers, the answer to all of those questions is YES! We have all the tools and equipment required to successfully complete your move without any hitches. We’ll disassemble your furniture, bed frames, tables, and reassemble them in your new place exactly the way you want. If we show up on moving day and discover you need some extra help packing some items – we’re prepared to get right to work.

When you move with us, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you calmly through your next move. A good first step is staying organized with our list of efficient moving tips and tricks.

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Start Planning Two Months Before Your Move

PRO TIP: Don't PROCRASTINATE! The earlier you get started, the less stressed out you'll be. This also applies to life in general.

You need to get started as early as possible. Especially if you're moving during a busier time moving companies usually have their schedule booked a month in advanced.

Start by taking an inventory of everything you own, items both large and small will need to be accounted for to be sure the moving truck is large enough and your estimated cost is accurate. 

Then, jot down a floor plan of your current and new home. Include furniture, appliances and where everything will go. Make sure you take measurements for any large pieces that may have trouble fitting in your new space. 

Call a few moving companies to understand better how we work, and schedule a reservation for moving day. Most of the time a cheaper price or estimate is not always better. Some cheap moving companies can be rogue, unlicensed or uninsured movers. If you're not careful, they may take your possessions hostage after changing the price drastically on moving day. Choose MyProMovers, the best moving company in Fairfax so you don't have to deal with these types of issues.

Work on preparing your new home or apartment. Contact painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, etc.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

PRO TIP: Planning the minor details of your move is key to a successful and smooth transition to your new home.

Acquire and complete a change-of-address form with your local post office. 

Make arrangements for storage services if there is a gap in time between your current place and when the new one becomes available. Your personal move assistant at MyProMovers can help you easily secure storage. 

Don’t forget healthcare, if you’re moving out of town ask your health providers for recommendations for your new area. You should also obtain and transfer all medical records. 

Lots of antiques, art and other valuables? Now is a good time to have them appraised and begin thinking about securing additional moving insurance. 

Start cleaning and organizing all your closets and drawers. Taking care of this long before moving day saves you both time AND money, and who doesn’t enjoy a freshly cleaned and organized place? 

Consume or donate all the excess food and supplies that you won’t be moving with.

It's Crunch Time - A Month Before Moving Day

PRO TIP: Ideally, at this time you should have chosen and secured your moving company.

Start calling your utility companies and schedule disconnection sand change over of services to avoid any overlapping bills. 

If you’re packing yourself, start working on acquiring packing materials and packing ahead of time. Pack away any items you won’t need until you move into your new home. 

Do you have pets or plants with special needs? Arrange for their transportation or care on moving day if necessary.

Do you have any priceless valuables or antiques? Check with your insurance company for details on your coverage. MyProMovers can help secure premium high-valuation moving insurance for your move, contact your personal moving assistant for more details. 

Live on a busy street with minimal parking? Moving items down a city block into the truck will take much longer. Secure a parking permit for your moving company so moving day is at maximum efficiency.  

Don’t forget to reserve your elevators and loading dock for your movers! This is important to enable easy-access to your building. 

Collect your personal and family records, medical, school records, legal and financial documents, birth certificates, passports and other insurance documents.

The Day Before Moving Day

It’s crunch-time! Drain any equipment of oil or gas, we won’t move anything containing flammable liquids or gas in our truck for safety reasons. 

If you’re bringing your appliances, defrost your refrigerator and freezer by turning them off and leaving the doors open. 

Pack up all your last remaining items, unless we’re handling the packing for you. Even if your moving company is packing your home for you there may be some particularly fragile or important items you would prefer to move on your own in your car. Now is a good time to organize what’s going with the movers and what’s staying with you. 

Confirm the details of your move with your moving company. At MyProMovers, our personal moving assistants are happy to hear from you and help with any last-minute questions or concerns.

Moving Day

Before your movers arrive, upon waking, now is a great time to take all the linens off your beds, windows and other fixtures so that there are no impediments to our movers getting to work. 

Communication is key. Be sure that you have someone to stay behind at your old home to assist the movers with any questions we may have. 

Once the truck is loaded, make one final walk through of your old home to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind. Our team is trained to conduct this walk-through on every move. 

As a precaution, remember to change the locks on all doors in your new home. 

Interstate moves require that you pay the drivers before your belongings are unloaded. Be present during the loading and unloading to ensure a job well done. MyProMovers accepts cash, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks or credit cards. Be prepared with the correct form of payment. 

Our detailed checklist mirrors our approach to serving our customers. We literally think of everything and place emphasis even on minor details. Moving doesn't have to be a headache, and you don't have to go it alone. Call your MyProMovers personal moving assistant today to find out how we can get you moving with less headache, hassle and stress. 

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