What to donate or give away when moving may seem a bit confusing. For some people, reducing the amount of junk can be a huge task. An upcoming move is the best opportunity to remove junk. Instead of feeling stressed about removing unwanted items, see it as a chance to de-clutter your life while helping others.

Only donate unsoiled, freshly cleaned textiles and other items that still have some life left in them.

Use the "Three Box Method"

Start your decluttering task going room-by-room with three large boxes. In the first box, you'll keep those items. The second box would be items you plan on disposing, and the third is your donate or sell. As you organize your place each place each item in the corresponding box.

Employ the Practicality Test

If you're not sure whether you will need something, ask yourself if it's something you've used in the last year. If you haven't used that old blender in a year, donate it! Try setting a limit for clothing, if you haven't worn that shirt in the last year, it may be time to put it in the donate box.

Consider The Size

Some of the things you can give away depend on the size of the place you want to move into. If you’re going from a 2 bedroom house to a studio apartment, you will definitely need to do some sorting and give away things you don’t need. Ensure you have the essentials covered for each room such as lighting, furniture and decor.

Other than keeping essential things that are needed for the move, anything else could be gotten rid of by donating them to local charities. For bigger items such as furniture, check if you still need it. This might be the chance to part with that battered recliner you had since your college days. While it may have found a place in your home and stayed like an unwanted guest, you don’t have any reason to bring it to another home.

When it comes to smaller items such as appliances or lamps, this is the best time to re-evaluate which ones you want. A move is a good way to decide if you’re ready to change your tastes and décor. If your tastes have changed, this is the time to give away some of the items you don’t like and get the service of a junk removal company.  

Donate or Sell

Once you've finished sorting through every item, either sell what you don't need or donate it to charity. You'll finally let go of the clutter and hopefully make a little bit of cash to offset your moving costs.

Dealing with unwanted bulky items can be a hassle. Ask your moving company if they have a donation or disposal program.

Dispose Bulk Items

You can get the service of a junk removal company to dispose unwanted or bulk items. Before the moving company arrives to transport your properties to your new home, you need to determine what you want to keep and what you are parting with. You also need to decide what’s worthy of being donated and what you can get rid of.

To most homeowners, disposing of their junk can be an unpleasant task. Yet, it’s a task that must be completed in order to keep the home clutter-free. When you need to remove a large amount of junk, this is where junk removal services can come to your rescue. You can get in touch with a junk removal company to help you with bulk disposal and they will send a team to your home to remove items you no longer need.  

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