It's common knowledge among homeowners that moving is a stressful process. The question you're probably asking yourself, then, is how to pack your home? We're here to answer that by going over the basics of packing up your house for an upcoming move. You want to pack up all your boxes and items in your home, but you don’t know where or how. To help with this problem we’re going to lay out some basic tips for making the process easier. So whether you are planning on doing it by yourself move or hiring movers in advance, read through our guide so that you can be prepared before any big life changes happen!

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The Basics of Packing your Home

When it comes to packing your home, you should start with a list of everything in the house. This will help make sure that nothing gets forgotten and decrease stress on moving days when there is too much going on at once. Additionally, this way you can prioritize what boxes need to be filled first or if anything needs extra special care during packing. There are a lot of ways to pack your house fast and create a list of everything in the house, but you should do what is most comfortable for you.

Generally speaking, you'll need boxes of different sizes to pack everything. If you have a lot of fragile items or know that there are some things in particular that require special care during the move, it's best to get specialty moving supplies. These include wardrobe cartons for clothes and dish packs for dishes so they don't break when moved. When packing, you need to take into account that it can be difficult and time-consuming for some items. For example, it's not worth packing up your china if there is a chance of breakage while moving because you'll likely never get all the pieces back together again once they've been broken.

This is because they're often fragile, bulky, or heavy when packed up by the homeowner so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

Packing your home can be very stressful without some help from packing supplies that make it easier for you! When using moving boxes, remember not to overload them with weight (even if there isn't much in the box). You should also be sure to tape up all boxes so they don't come apart during transportation.

Supplies and Boxes You'll Need For Packing Your Home

After you've made a list, you'll need to get supplies and boxes. In terms of the former, you can always ask around with friends and family who may have loads of empty Amazon boxes or check out from retail stores for free/used boxes that they have. If this isn't an option for you though, there are many other ways on how to find moving boxes and supplies including buying new ones from stores like UHaul or getting them from an online moving supply store. In terms of what kind to get, it's best to go with plain brown ones that are in good condition and have no tape or other defects on them from previous contents.

What You'll Need To Pack Everything:  

  • Wardrobe cartons for clothes.
  • Dish packs to keep dishes safe during the move.
  • Bubble wrap for protecting breakable items.
  • Marker and tape so you can label everything properly.

Once you know what boxes and supplies to get, it's time to start packing. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but we're here with helpful tips that will make the process easier. You'll also need someone else's help if you're moving. It can take a lot of time, energy, and effort to move all of your furniture. If you're hiring professional packers and movers in advance, be sure to give them an idea of what is coming their way. This will make the process more efficient and reduce the chances of a surprise moving bill due to unexpected items or extra weight in your shipment.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming if you plan ahead for everything that comes with packing your home. Now that you have all of the basics covered when it comes to packing up your home, you're almost ready to get started. The next step is making a moving day plan so that nobody gets overwhelmed and everything goes as smoothly as possible!

Let's Get Started to Pack for House Move

Every one of us has to move from one place to another either for a short time or long term. No matter what the reason is, moving house can be an extremely stressful experience. Even though there are professional packing and moving companies available these days, you still have a responsibility towards your relocation process as this will make sure that everything goes smoothly during the move. Below are the tips on what needs to be done to start packing for your house move.

Create a packing list

A great way to make sure you don't forget anything is to create a packing list of all the items you intend on bringing with you during your move. It doesn't matter if it's just one room or an entire house, this will help ensure that nothing important gets left behind as well as keep everything organized and tidy throughout the moving process. Also, you will have a better idea of how many boxes you need to move.

Start by packing the least valuable items first 

The items that are worth the least amount of money should be packed first, then work your way up to more expensive valuables. This will ensure that you don't accidentally pack something small and valuable in with one of your bigger pieces of furniture or forget about what is already safely secured inside a box before it's too late.

Pack everything as tightly as possible

Make sure to pack everything you own into the boxes and bags that are provided for your move. You want to maximize space, so anything that's not completely necessary should be removed from its original location if it is going with you on the trip. Overstuffing a box or too many items in one bag can cause problems during the move and can even cause injury.

Pack clothes in suitcases and boxes, not plastic bags

All hanging items should be packed in wardrobe boxes. The rest can be packed in suitcases, and bags as a last resort. Putting them in a normal box does not mean they will get dirty. Definitely wrinkled, though. There are smart ways to pack clothes that will help prevent wrinkles and keep your favorite outfits looking great through the move.

Pack away all breakable items carefully

If there are any fragile items around the home, make sure to pack them in boxes that are reinforced at the bottom of the box with packing tape, and protect the item itself with bubble wrap and packing paper. It's also a good idea to have some of this protective material lying around for any other items that may break during transit, just in case.

Pack books the proper way

When packing books, avoid throwing them in a box and stacking them on top of each other. We pack books in boxes, but not in large boxes. Always pack books in small boxes, so they aren't too heavy. Never pack heavy items or books in plastic bags, improperly packed books can cause unnecessary damage. There are a lot of ways to pack books properly that will keep them in good condition for years to come.

Label all your boxes properly

It is important to label every box you own so nobody gets confused about where anything is being stored. This will keep your belongings safe and ensure that they are moved to the correct location when it comes time for unpacking everything.

Pack up all of your linens carefully

Make sure you have extra boxes on hand so you can wrap any large or valuable pieces of furniture in sheets before packing them away, just to be safe.

Make sure you have enough room for your things

The next thing you want to do is pack up your entire house only to find out that there isn't enough room in the new home for all of it. Measure each room and make sure that everything will fit before taking any other steps towards moving day.

Pack all of the kitchen items carefully

The last thing you want to do is pack and move a bunch of glass or ceramic dishes that break into hundreds of tiny shards throughout several boxes only for them to be discovered once everything has been unpacked, causing an unnecessary mess. There are some alternative packing materials you can use for packing dishes. The most common solution is to use packaging materials like bubble wrap and newspaper to make sure that nothing gets broken. These are just some ways to pack your kitchen and avoid breakage when moving to your new home.

Want to Know More?

People often make the mistake of thinking that packing up their whole house is a daunting task. In reality, all you need to do is get organized and then pack each room separately. Once you have everything packed away in boxes it will be much easier for movers to come in and carry your items out to the truck without having to worry about running into anything. Additionally, if you have a big move, it will be much easier to find all of your items if they are sorted into their respective rooms.

A lot goes on behind the scenes once people start packing up their homes. If you've ever used professional movers then chances are that at least some of those people were actually packing your boxes. In most cases, movers will pack up all of the smaller objects in order to make more room on their trucks and then unpack them at the destination once everything has been moved into its new home. This is a great way that people can save time and money when they don't feel like doing it themselves, but you should be careful when choosing professional movers. It is very important to do your research before hiring any packing services!

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Packing can be a difficult process, but as long as you plan ahead the new home should feel like an extension of your old one in no time at all! Packing and unpacking your home is a moving process that requires careful consideration. It’s important to note that the way you pack up and unpack all of your belongings will have an impact on how much it costs as well as how long your move takes. The good news is MyProMovers is here to help! Contact us today at (703) 310-7333 for a free quote so you know exactly what kind of expenses to expect when hiring professional movers.